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2 years ago

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I am a landscape gardener / a few years ago, I was clean for dtvideo the implementation of a garden in a small town called Denham, the lady who had heard the property on the market and been shown, so it gave an award and to do the job. The contract is due to begin on Tuesday morning, so I arrived at 8:30 in the truck and trailer placed in position and blocked the dtvideo road, appears around 10:30 to a lady, now I know it was not the owner or tenant, you just say hello and went to the garden, where I worked, she was very nice, not bad, since the mid 50's and a slim figure well, now you all know what happens when a woman and see a bit of chemistry to get the flow, but that's what sex was not only a pleasant conversation about what I did. We talked for an hour, looked at me and shrugged his trouser snake, and I know they feel the same, I'm pretty sure he was naked or at least no brar dress I could see her nipples even show how beautiful rosebuds, I'm human and I love beautiful nipples, in retrospect, was very nervous, but I totally misunderstood all the characters. Then suddenly she said, will you come and have a cup of coffee, but not to participate first thing I dtvideo said oh, well I have some here, it is now clear after the fact dtvideo that I knew that, as was almost walk the top of it. As you can see what I have is the old ass forever and ever wondered what would have happened if I had booked, I think more than coffee and sticky buns must be served, I have to see it after that , but it was a nice Hi, which was probably disappointed in me! !

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